Self Defense for Children

Self defense for children

Self defense for children is a concept that most parents spend almost no time thinking about. We walk through parenthood telling our children “don’t talk to strangers” and “call 911”. We believe this is enough to keep them safe. As they grow into teenagers we shift to believing a cell phone will keep them safe because they can call 911 from anywhere, at anytime.

Unfortunately, this head-in-the-sand thinking can end with children being bullied, victimized, abused, and abducted. All these horrible outcomes are possible for any child at anytime. No amount of “that won’t happen to me” thinking will prevent it if the time comes. As a parent myself, I can assure you I understand the desire to avoid having tough discussions with my kids about these things, because it makes it feel much more real. No one wants to think about these things happening to their children. However, having tough discussions and giving your kids the tools they really need can actually prevent many of these situations before they even begin!

An additional tool available to parents is Self Defense for Children. Fundamentals can usually be completed in two hours with further skills being taught in one day classes and short academies. At C.O.B.R.A Self Defense Alberta we offer all of these options. A Self Defense class for your child can provide them with incredibly important life skills including:


  • Confidence is the building block of a successful childhood that leads to a successful life. Self defense for children is a tool that can build this confidence. Providing them with the skills to protect themselves and others from dangerous situations naturally builds confidence and self worth. This confidence is projected outwards and naturally prevents bullying situations in younger children and assaults in teenagers.


  • Children want to feel empowered! This is why they want to tie their own shoes, pick their own clothes, go to the mall with their friends, go to parties, and so forth. This strong desire for independence goes directly against a parent’s desire to protect their children from evil. Self defense for children is a solution that can meet both needs! Kids of all ages feel empowered after these classes, and parents can be confident their child has a skill set to deal with evil, should it rear its ugly head.

Learning to “Trust Their Gut”

  • This is a natural skill all humans have at birth but talk ourselves out of as we get older. This is the innate knowledge that if something feels wrong, it likely is wrong. As adults we convince ourselves we are being paranoid or we are going to embarrass ourselves in certain situations. As a result we stay in dangerous situations even knowing they are dangerous. Self defense classes will teach children to trust this instinct and how to react in a swift and effective manner.

Being Outspoken

  • Children are accosted everyday for being loud or outspoken. In a self defense situation this could be the deciding factor in a criminal’s success. Child self defense classes should teach your child to speak out and speak up! We want all kids to realize no one is coming to help you if they don’t know something is wrong. Quiet, introverted children are more likely to be victimized, bullied, or abused. We should encourage our children to stand up and speak up for themselves.

Build Trusting Relationships

  • All of the skills mentioned above work together to allow children to form trusting relationships with the adults, and other children, in their lives. Confidence and a feeling of empowerment make it easy to approach others and build friendships. They also allow a child to speak openly and honestly with parents and adults about uncomfortable situations. Open discussions with our children is a goal all parents can get behind.

Parents often overlook self defense for children. We do not want to consider that someday our children could be in a situation where they will need these skills. The problem is, when they discover they need the skills, it is too late. These classes are an investment in the future and can protect your children. Most importantly, when taken at the right location, these classes are fun, interactive, and engaging. Children learn important skills that could save their life, while building their confidence and setting themselves up for success throughout their lives.

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