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The most important class your children will ever take!!!

The C.O.B.R.A. Child Abduction Prevention (CAP) Program has the power to save your child’s life! There is no other way to put it, this course is life changing for you and your children.

The Child Abduction Prevention Program is available for children ages 5-14. Taught in a fun and engaging environment, the material will have the kids excited to learn and ready to participate. Parents are welcome to stay and observe the class so they can review the material with their children. All participants will receive a graduation certificate.

During the 2 hour CAP Program children participate in the following:

  • Vehicle Abductions
  • Anti–abduction techniques
  • Communication Drills
  • SAE IT Drills (Scream Attack Escape)
  • “Circle Of Security” Instruction
  • Simulated 911 Calls
  • Kidnapping Defense
  • Advanced Child Special Striking
  • Apply Their Skill Against Bad Guys (Scenarios)

Only 30 spots available per class. First come, first served.

List Price: $69.00
Sale Price: $49.00

Upcoming Events

December 16, 2023 | 12:30 – 2:30PM | Airdrie, AB Get Tickets